EMF Reader

A quick look at the Mel-8704 Paranormal Instrument EMF and Temperature Reader.

Note: Be sure to hold the meter lower on the device to avoid influencing the sensors near the top

Gauss Master, K2 KII, and 822A Digital EMF Meters


EMF Levels (Ranges)

Whether investigating the paranormal or determining the safety of a new home, particularly under power lines, or an electronic device, such as a laptop or cellphone, knowing the safe and/or normal level for EMF (electromagnetic field) is important.

According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, "In a study that measured EMF in almost 1000 homes in the United States, 50% had average EMF levels of 0.6 mG or less, and 95% had average EMF levels below 3 mG. Keep in mind that these are average EMF levels within a home. EMF levels can be higher (5 mG or more) when you are near a household appliance (or anything else that uses electricity). EMF levels rapidly become weaker as you move away from the source."

Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF): Health Concern [PDF] Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF): Health Concern

Paranormal State EMF Meter App


Electromagnetic Field Detectors


What Is EMF?

In the above interview, environmental consultant Cindy Sage discusses the potential dangers of EMF and ELF to your health, especially from the use or proximity of cell phones and cordless phones.


National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences report on health effects from EMF

California Dept of Health Services: Electric and Magnetic Fields

Connecticut Siting Council Best Management Practices

World Health Organization: International EMF Project

Gauss Master, K2 KII, and 822A Digital EMF Meters